How We Started

CERC was founded in April 2017 to find answers to the following questions:

  • How can communities obtain better services using integrity?
  • How can we teach integrity to equip the next generation of leaders to say no to corruption?
  • How can integrity be a sustainable response to conflict and instability in eastern Congo?

We have begun to address these challenging questions by focusing our attention on research and investment in education and training for young people, helping them develop the skills to hold their leaders accountable, cultivating a new generation of ethical leaders, and combat inefficient and corrupt public services and infrastructure projects in their communities.

Students participating in the Integrity Education Workshop held by CERC in February 2019 (Uvira). Photo: CERC

By 2022, we have reached 3,060 young people through our Investissement in education and training. They are now joining forces to monitor vital projects and services in their communities and working with their leaders to solve the problems they identify through community monitoring.

These young people are creating and implementing solutions to ensure access to and cleanliness of drinking water, access to and safety of schools, education for children at risk of exclusion, and waste separation in urban areas. It can be demonstrated that their work has benefited over a million lives in our coverage areas.