Why youth matters?

We believe that communities cannot thrive if they fail to offer a bright future for younger generations.

  • young people are more mobile  and dynamic. We can develop  their know-how and their ability  to make decisions in order to  generate new ways to support  the local development.  
  • young people are often  marginalized by hierarchical,  opaque and unequal decision making structures and are  better placed to change these  systems if they have the tools,  knowledge and resources they  need; 
  • More than half of the Congolese population is now  under 40 years and it is  imperative to engage this group  in the development of a system  that works better for them;
  • Young people today are more  connected than ever thanks to  the tools that allow them to  discuss, share and collaborate. This offers an unprecedented  comparative perspective in the  society and the replication of  good practices from one place to  another.

That is why we are determined to help young people develop their skills to participate in building institutions that are open, inclusive and responsive and free from corruption. This helps build strong institutions and support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG 16)’s: