CERC is launching an ambitious initiative to build integrity and anti-corruption measures in the education sector. This initiative takes the form of a Draft Law aimed at incorporating Integrity Clubs and an Integrity Education course in all secondary schools across the country.

CERC, an organization dedicated to promoting integrity and transparency, developed this proposed law in collaboration with Members of Parliament (APNAC DRC), education experts and civil society actors.. The primary objective is to raise awareness among students from a young age about the principles of integrity, civic responsibility, and anti-corruption efforts.

In 2022, the African Parliamentarians Network Against Corruption (APNAC RDC) endorsed this initiative at the DRC National Assembly. These parliamentarians, fully cognizant of the dire consequences of corruption in education and on the nation’s progress, have taken the initiative to champion this Draft Law and transform it into actionable legislation.

The Integrity Clubs outlined in this proposed law will be dynamic structures within schools, composed of elected students tasked with promoting integrity and transparency. Concurrently, the Integrity Education course integrated into the regular school curriculum will educate students on ethical issues and civic responsibility.

This initiative represents a major step forward in the fight against corruption in the DRC, as it aims to instill integrity values from an early age and mobilize students as key actors in this struggle. It also aligns with a broader effort to strengthen institutions and promote good governance.

CERC and the parliamentarians who are members of APNAC RDC call for widespread support from the population and civil society actors to make this proposed law a concrete reality. Together, we can work towards a future where integrity and transparency are the cornerstones of our education system and society as a whole.

Download the Draft Law.