300 students trained in anti-corruption mechanisms

From 2 to 15 November 2022, a series of workshops were conducted in South Kivu and Kinshasa, with the participation of 300 students. These workshops were organized under the “Students Act for Accountability and Quality in Education in the DRC” project, funded by the Global Partnership for Education. The main objective of the workshops was to enhance the students’ capacity to promote accountability and improve the quality of education.

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Over the years, educational institutions in the country have been affected by various challenges, including ethical issues, inadequate infrastructure, poor delivery of services, insufficient resources, and corruption in the supply chain. These issues greatly impede the progress of the education system and hinder the students’ ability to receive quality education.

The workshops aimed to address these challenges by equipping the students with the necessary skills and knowledge to advocate for accountability and bring about positive changes in their respective educational institutions. The training included a wide range of topics, such as monitoring processes, data collection utilizing the EduCheck techtool, and advocacy with school authorities.

During the workshops, students actively engaged in discussions, brainstorming sessions, and practical exercises. They learned about effective strategies to monitor and evaluate the quality of education, ensuring that schools adhere to ethical standards and provide adequate resources for teaching and learning. Furthermore, they were introduced to the EduCheck techtool, a powerful tool that enables them to collect and analyze data related to various aspects of education, helping them identify areas that require improvement.

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In addition to the technical skills acquired, the workshops also emphasized the importance of advocacy and collaboration. Students were encouraged to voice their concerns, engage with school authorities, and work together to bring about positive change. By empowering the students to be proactive agents of change, the workshops aimed to create a culture of accountability and ensure that education is prioritized and receives the necessary attention it deserves.

Overall, the workshops held in South Kivu and Kinshasa between 2 and 15 November 2022 played a crucial role in strengthening the students’ capacity to hold educational institutions accountable and improve the quality of education in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Through their newfound knowledge and skills, these students have become catalysts for positive change, paving the way for a brighter future for education in the country.

Starting in January 2023, trained students will use “EduCheck” to monitor elements such as water and sanitation in the school, the attendance and behavior of teachers and students, and the lack of basic equipment such as desks, books, and teaching materials.