DYNTRA and CERC launched an online Municipal Transparency Portal

Uvira, February 7, 2018 — The Dynamic OpenGov Technologies (DYNTRA) and Centre de Recherche sur l’Anti-Corruption (CERC) today (February 2018) launched an online Municipal Transparency Portal to measures in real time the transparency level of the 191 municipalities of the Democratic Republic of the Congo in a dynamic, efficient, transparent, open and collaborative way.

DYNTRA Municipalities of the Democratic Republic of the Congo has been developed with support from the Dynamic OpenGov Technologies SL. As such, I cannot but thank Mr Erwin De Grave, Dyntra’s International Relations Director and his entire team for their commitment in promoting transparency worlwide.

This Portal represents much more than the development of a mechanism for promoting transparency, accountability and control regarding the public accounts of the municipalities in DRC.

This Portal represents the true transformation of our municipalities, particularly in Public Administration, Budget Transparency, Citizen Participation and transparency in public expenditures, which “step by step” will adopt new efficiencies, innovation and accountability standards.

“Today’s launch is an important addition to our efforts in helping citizens to have access to information about their municipalities.” “By gathering and publishing all the relevant information regarding municipal transparency, it means that we can enable local communities to use the site to view transparency level of their municipalities and influence their municipalities to account.” said Heri Bitamala, Executive Director of CERC.

Information entered in Dyntra Portal will be provided by volunteers having access to the municipalities data and then verified by CERC Verifiers. This information will then be available for all public.

That being said, and since in this case images speak louder than words, let us all log on to the Dyntra Portal and witness another major step in our Country’s path towards Transparency.

I officially launch the DYNTRA Portal,

Thank you very much!