Proud to be member of Catalyst 2030

CERC is proud to be a member of the Catalyst 2030 – global movement of social innovators to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs). Its aim is to build a broad, self-organising movement of social enterprises, NGOs, funders and other innovators to come together to transform entire systems that hold back millions who live in poverty.

At the current rate of progress, the SDGs will not be achieved until 2094 according to the Social Progress Index. This is 64 years after the deadline set by the UN. The effects of this delay will be devastating for all 17 goals, especially for the climate. In response to this imminent crisis, Catalyst 2030 was conceived.

 What is a systems approach?

A systems approach to change addresses the root causes of social problems and injustices. There are many definitions of systems change. A system is anything organised for a purpose. This could be the human body, a forest, a hospital, a government department, a corporation, a culture, a religion, or a refugee camp.

Systems change is both a process and an outcome. These problems often seem intractable and are embedded in thorny networks of cause and effect. Therefore, systems change is an intentional and thoughtful process designed to fundamentally and profoundly transform the mindsets, power dynamics, customs, rules and structures that cause a system to behave in a certain way.

Stay tuned for more updates on the progress of Catalyst 2030.