Youth Excel Kinshasa Data Summit: Increasing youth inclusion in education and in workforce development programmes

CERC in partnership with IREX and SFCG, held the issue-Based Collaborative Networks (ICONs) Data Summit in Kinshasa in August 2022. The event was part of the Youth Excel’s ICONs, a youth participatory research project in Kinshasa and North-Kivu, that aimed to improve youth’s ability to sustain positive livelihood-related outcomes for underrepresented youth and support them in advancing development agendas. Through the project, diverse youth leaders, alongside local youth-led and youth-serving organizations, participated and designed research to inform priorities and programming, compiled in final knowledge products.

The summit provided an opportunity for ICONs participants to present their final knowledge products to a diverse range of stakeholders under the umbrella of “Increasing inclusion of underrepresented and marginalized young people in education and in workforce development programmes”.